Almoner's Corner

Latest: April 2017

W.B. Dave Bolger

For some years Dave has been facing numerous challenges associated with mobility arising from back discomfort. Latterly these have been cleared up but he is now finding difficulty with co-ordination of basic hand eye and feet movements.
He has been referred by his GP to a neurologist for specialist advice on the concerns that basic test have raised. Dave doesn’t get out that much from week to week due to issues of co-ordinating his walking – so its not so great for him at present. I will organise a visit either by myself or through another Lodge member who is closer to Dave’s home.

W.B. Geoff Corden

Geoff is waiting for the written results of tests to establish whether there has been re-occurrence of cancer which are due this later week. That apart having spent 30 minutes on the phone with Geoff he is busy with his cars, motorbikes and going on holidays and in good spirits.

I will update on both when I have more news.


Bro Guy Watt latest update (10th Feb 2014)

Brethren, here is the latest update via Guy's wife Cathy. Guy continues to make progress. Although he was very tired for most of today's visiting, his first hour was great. He was clearly trying to speak to us, although he is making no sounds because of the tracheostomy. Therefore I drew a letter board and started the painstakingly slow tasks of trying to find out what he was telling us. After thinking he was making a profound message, we worked out what wanted, it was a drink of ribena! All that effort for something he can't have yet, but I'll be at the supermarket first thing tomorrow getting him some ready for when he can drink.

He has had the method of ventilation changed and his oxygen level lowered, so all going well. Bronte also came in to see him today, she was so brave, it is such a scary place for her and understanding the situation is difficult, she coped really well, and will now be prepared for the next visit.

All our family have now had thd chance to see Guy, and I think he is reassured we are all ok as he is trying to piece together what has happened to him. I think over the next few days he will have lots of questions and we will be there to help answer them.


W.Bro John PArtridge. Almoner


Bro Guy Watt

Bretheren, It is my duty to advise you all that Bro Guy was involved in a serious road traffic accident Friday (31st Jan) on the M45 near Dunchurch. His wife Cathy has advised Spencer that he is currently in critical care at UHCW with many injuries. He is in an induced coma with head injury, collapsed right lung lacerated right lung. Chest drain in both lungs, multpile broken ribs, broken sacrum, fractured pelvis, lacerated bladder, broken femur and multiple cuts and bruises.
This is obviously a very serious incident and it may take some months for a complete recovery. Obviously, we must support Guy and his family as much as we can and I am mindful that we will need to ask for his London marathon place to be transferred if possible to allow the fund raising for his charity to go ahead. I think that Spencer and I will take ownership of that.
I will be seeing Cathy before our meeting on Wednesday to get a further report. If there is any deterioration I will let you know. In the meantime and at this early stage if any Lodge member wishes to send a card or other message perhaps that would be best whilst Cathy deals with the current  situation and Guy is withdrawn from the induced coma. That would be a sign that the recovery process is underway at least in part. I gather that the damage to his lungs is the main issue however and is under close observation.
I will be in touch again as soon as I have further news.

W.Bro John PArtridge. Almoner


February 2014 - Lodge of Humour No. 2003

Almoners corner...I had best stand there looking at the wall it seems...

As I get ready to present my first candidate Spencer to become Worshipful Master of the lodge I am reminded of days gone by when a certain anarchy started to rein for a sunny summer in the is the first and second part of the summons as prepared by W.B. Dave Bolger (read it carefully!).
Happy days...not very quiet...but happy days...and I do remember that theatrical giant Arthur Mullard.
W.Bro John PArtridge. Almoner

November 2013 - A brother in need...

Before Christmas I received a request for support from a Lodge member who was under financial pressure. Having interviewed our member I prepared the necesary application forms for submission to Provincial Grand Lodge seeking assistance. I believe that the application was the first of it's kind submitted by this Lodge.

I am pleased to be able to report that the application, which took about 8 weeks to process, was successful and our Member has now received a financial support grant to reduce the pressures he and his family were under.

I take the responsibility to disperse the grant funds as required. Our member had to make full disclosure of his financial situation, but having done so, it made the application more straightforward to process, and saved valuable time. I am delighted with the outcome of this application and our member is much relieved and very grateful. I feel that the hardest part in the process was for our member to actually discuss his problems. As soon as that was done the concerns began to become reduced on the basis that the problem was then starting to become shared. The process was completely confidential from start to finish and will only be noted in Lodge records as "Applicant 1".

I would encourage any member (or former member) who is, or knows of any related person, being a spouse, partner. or family member. who may need assistance. to get in touch. I will assist wherever possible, but I need to be made aware of any situations or concern where assistance may be required, to respond. It is likely to be worth a preliminary discussion at least.

W.Bro John Partridge. Almoner